EB5 Visa Application Requirements

The list of documents needed for an EB-5 investor application is extensive and will vary on a case-by-case basis. Generally, an investor and his/her family members will need the following:

Personal Documents

  • The investor must present full and complete personal biographical information for yourself, and any family members (spouse, children under 21)
  • Any and all IDs, including: passports, national IDs, U.S. driver's licenses and social security cards (if applicable), birth certificates;
  • Marriage certificates and/or divorce decrees (if applicable);
  • The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will require information regarding the investor's education, employment history, and business experience, including but not limited to résumés, diplomas, and business registrations;
  • The USCIS will require court/prison records, military records;
  • The USCIS will require photographs: two color photographs in passport style. No head covering or dark glasses should be worn.

Government and Financial Documents

  • The USCIS requires financial statements:
  • The investor must prove that he/she has a level of income or has accumulated sufficient wealth that would enable the investor to invest.
  • The investor must prove the invested capital is from a "lawful" source. Regardless of who provides the capital the source of funds must be from a lawful source.
  • To prove the source of investment funds, USCIS requires five years of personal and business tax returns, proof of ownership in any businesses and business licenses. You must present a track record of honest dealings.
  • If the source of funds came from a specific transaction, such as an inheritance or gift, you must prove the transaction occurred by providing an official document, such as a closing statement or contract.
  • Other evidence may include but need not be limited to bank statements, stock certificates, any loan or mortgage documents, promissory notes, security agreements or other evidence of borrowing which is secured by assets of the applicant, a gift statement, a loan statement, etc.

USCIS Forms provided by Immigration Attorney

  • USCIS Form I-526
  • USCIS Form I-485 (If in the U.S.), OR Form DS-230 (If outside the U.S.)
  • After 21 months - USCIS Form I-829 (Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence)

Other Important Information

Prospective Investor Suitability Questionnaire:
  • In accordance with the U.S. Securities law, the applicant will also be required to fill out the attached Prospective Investor Suitability Questionnaire. Prospective domestic and EB-5 investors who wish to review URIF's investment offering materials must first qualify as an "accredited investor" as described below.
  • To qualify to invest in EB5DI's projects, a person must have an individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person's spouse, that exceeds $1 million, or has an income exceeding $200,000 each year for the past two years or has a joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 each year for the past two years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year.
  • Once URIF has received the Memorandum of Deposit, the Prospective Investor Suitability Questionnaire and has verified the deposits, then the investor will receive a binder containing the complete EB-5 investment offering and the contact information for U.S. immigration attorney that specializes in the EB-5 application process.

Costs, Administrative fees and U.S. legal fee allowance:

  • The total cost to participate in the EB-5 immigration program is USD $550,000 plus additional filings fees as charged by USCIS. The $500,000 USD will go directly into the investment and USD $50,000 will be charged as an Administrative Fee.
  • The Administrative Fee, paid in conjunction with the investment, will be used by URIF to meet expenses for which they are responsible for such as: general administration, overhead, and marketing expenses.
  • Attorney's fees and filling fees for the USCIS forms I-526, I-485, and I-829, or the removal of conditions, will not be covered by the URIF and will be the applicant's responsibility to pay when the time comes. The I-829 process usually occurs approximately 21 months after approval of the applicant's I-526 filing.
  • Attorney's fees for this process typically range from USD $15,000 to USD $25,000 depending on the complexity of each case. The applicant is encouraged to consult with an approved immigration law firm to better understand the fee structure for their individual case.

USCIS Fees associated with EB-5:

  • The EB-5 applicant will be required to pay for the filing fees that will be charged by USCIS for the application process.
  • Form I-526 Petition Filing Fee: $1,500
  • Form I-485 Petition Filing Fee: $985. (Biometric fee is $85, where applicable)
  • From I-829 Petition Filing Fee: $3,750 plus Attorney fees

Local legal assistance:

The applicant may want to hire their own local legal representation to assist in the paperwork that will be required to apply for the EB-5 immigration visa. This is recommended and will be done at the expense of the applicant. The U.S. Immigration Attorney will work closely with applicant representative to ensure that all of the proper documentation is provided and completed properly.